We are Milwaukee’s only studio dedicated solely to the practice of Bikram Yoga, a 90 minute sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, performed in a heated room. All classes are meant for beginners of all backgrounds, but can be challenging for anyone!

The difference between a seasoned practitioner and a beginner is in the depth of the postures, and perhaps some additional familiarity and endurance. As your practice continues to grow, you will see a myriad of positive changes in your mind and body.

One of our most dedicated and inspiring students, Abby, has this to say: “I started Bikram yoga as a first time student back in April.  I came to yoga with a battery of ailments like my lifetime with allergies and asthma, scoliosis, a fused spine, chronic pain, and anxiety.  Since starting bikram, I have seen EVERY SINGLE one of these improve.  My allergies can be intensely bad where I wake up with headaches and stuffy noses, but if I keep up with bikram 3-5 times a week, I don’t experience any of that.  My lungs are clearer than they’ve ever been and after visiting my doctor, my blood oxygen level was up to 98%!  I also have lost about 20 pounds so far.  My back pain is minimized, my posture is improved, my anxiety is kept in check.  I am able to accomplish postures I never dreamed possible with my fused spine and safely see what my crooked yet amazing body is capable of!  I am so very thankful for such a wonderful home away from home with the most fantastic community of teachers and fellow yogis.”

All classes are led by teachers who have been certified by Bikram Choudhury himself. BYH owner, Kaitlin became certified in 2010, and has experience teaching in fifteen Bikram studios across the U.S. and Europe. Jana, the studio manager, is equally dedicated and has attended many seminars in New York and Europe. We look forward to bringing this yoga to Milwaukee and having you in class!

New Student? Read more to find out what to expect in your first class.

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